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Harmens. Novosibirsk. Producer of Cardboard Custom Boxes.
The largest private offset printing company in the east of Russia.
Harmens. Novosibirsk. Producer of carton packaging.
Harmens. Novosibirsk. Producer of carton packaging.
About the company:
Harmens - is the largest private offset printing company in the eastern part of Russia.
Our specialty is to compose pattern and produce Cardboard Packaging for following industries: Confectionary, Food, Cosmetics, Pharma and Consumer Detergents.
Harmens production facilities are located in the city of Novosibirsk - the 3rd largest city in Russia.

Basic facts:
- Production capacity of the Harmen's printing house is 50 milion size A1 sheets per year.
- We had produced over 200 million various sized boxes in the year of 2007.
- Our equipment is up to date state of the art in printing field. The main line product machinery is of Heidelberg produce.
- We are certified and have an audit performed annually by Det Norske Veritas. We correlate to international quality standards of ISO 9001.
"...Our clients are Russian and international companies those who have plans to enter and those who already do work on the Russian market..."
CEO, "Harmens"
Joint open stock company
Yuri Vereshchagin
Yuri Vereshchagin
Confectionary Boxes
Confectionary Boxes
Cardboard Packaging for Chocolate Confectionery products, Sweets and Candies.
Food Boxes
Food Packaging
Cardboard Packaging for Chilled and Frozen Food, Tea and Coffee, Convenience and Fast Food, Baby Food, ect.
Pharmacy Boxes
Pharmacy Packaging
Cardboard Packaging for Pharmaceuticals and Health Care production
Detergents & Cosmetics
Detergents Packaging
Cardboard Packaging for Laundry and cleaning products, Cosmetics, Hygiene & Toiletries
General Packaging
General Packaging
Cardboard Packaging for Games, Toys and Sport Goods, Hard- and Software, Textile & Clothing, Electrical appliances, ect.
Pet Foods Boxes
Pet Foods Packaging
Cardboard Packaging for Pet Foods

Our address:
35 Suharnaya st. Novosibirsk
Phones: +7 383 354-0-254
International management
quality certificate ISO-9001
had been issued by
Harmens is a member

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